Paynter Dixon Office, Rhodes

Paynter Dixon oversaw the fit out of its new Sydney office at 5 Rider Boulevard, Rhodes.

The progressive spirit of the business is reflected in a thoroughly modern and sophisticated office.

Interior design has harnessed the potential for collaboration in a variety of considered spaces. Employees are typically arranged in team ‘pods’ of 6 person-workstations, with specific pods in proximity of project teams to ease interaction.

Meeting rooms vary in size from 6 to 20 seats, integrating large-scale LED screens and ceiling-mounted microphones to enhance audio for on-line meetings.

Internal meeting rooms with sliding glass doors are also purposefully located adjacent to the kitchens. These doors can be opened to create a larger social space for events and employee gatherings.

The foyer’s living green wall and premium finishes further invoke the modern sensibility of the office.