Working at Paynter Dixon

Paynter Dixon is one of Australia’s oldest construction companies with a footprint covering hospitality, health, ageing and disability, education, retirement living, commercial, insurance and remedial construction. We are proud of our strong company values and a culture that nurtures long term employees. Some of our staff have been with us for over 25 years.

We foster innovation and autonomy in our employees at all levels, striving for and rewarding excellence. We encourage diversity in our workplace and have several women in senior management positions.

We offer career opportunities in construction, engineering, design, marketing, sales, finance, IT and administration. If you think you’d like to work at Paynter Dixon, send your resumé to

Cadet Program

Paynter Dixon’s Cadet Program is part of our commitment to the sustainability of the construction industry. The Program has been developed to attract young aspiring engineers and construction professionals and provide a career path within Paynter Dixon, while also investing in the longer term future of the organisation. Our future success depends on providing opportunities for the next generation of industry leaders.

The Cadet program allows undergraduates to gain valuable industry and site experience while continuing their studies within a structured program. Flexibility is built into the Program to allow for exam timetables and study leave. Cadets have the opportunity to participate on projects while continuing their tertiary education.

Our cadets typically experience a broad variety of work aspects, including on-site construction, pre-construction, contract administration and estimating. Succession planning is also an important aspect of the Program, with Paynter Dixon developing each individual in line with their career aspirations. Each Cadet is assigned a mentor who will guide them through their journey.

The Program is open to anyone who is currently studying, or looking to study an engineering degree or construction management degree. If you’d like to be part of our Cadet Program, please send your resumé to