We partner with childcare, primary and secondary schools to create 21st century-learning environments. Our inhouse architectural, design and construction expertise aligns with client goals, ensuring the path of built development leads to your future school community.  

A trusted model

Paynter Dixon instils confidence and minimises risk by embracing total responsibility of project delivery. In the capacity of managing contractor, our business works through the phases of architecture and design, development consent, commercial procurement of services, and construction. Our commercial team also work to your budget with transparent tendering and project cost management.

We ensure our client is in the driving seat at all times – no obligation to undertake the next phase. Trust matters most.

Master planning

Master planning is your conceptual layout for guiding future growth and development. This approach leaves nothing to chance, as the architectural, pedagogical landscape, heritage and urban design aspirations of the site are considered up front.

It’s also a powerful framework for making informed decisions on the timing of future capital works, factoring in finance, approvals, and the operational dimensions of a school campus. Our master planning model includes a narrative document which the client is encouraged to revisit and utilise for securing project finance and ongoing business planning.

The master plan is also a mandatory requirement of government grant applications lodged through Block Grant Authorities. In the last three years, over 70% of supported clients have received government grants.


Architectural pedigree

Design architect, Matthew Greene, has achieved formal education design qualifications through the Association for Learning Environments which promotes best practice in the design, building and use of learning spaces to improve education outcomes. Matthew and the team design environments which are informed by the school’s pedagogy.

Live Environments

We specialise in working in schools and other live environments, ensuring the school community remains safe. This involves staging of the works and a high level of consistent communication between Paynter Dixon and site users to ensure day-to-day activities can continue with the least amount of disruption.

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