We partner with clients to deliver 21st century-learning environments which embrace innovation and student wellbeing. Our comprehensive design and construction expertise caters to the education market, spanning childcare, primary and secondary schools, and universities. The succession of projects can span decades as our partnering grows the campus, delivering generational infrastructure and learning facilities.

Master planning

Master planning is your conceptual layout for guiding future growth and development. This approach leaves nothing to chance, as the architectural, landscape, heritage and urban design aspirations of the site are considered up front.

It’s also a powerful framework for making informed decisions on the timing of future capital works, factoring in budget, approvals, and the operational dimensions of a school campus. This all goes towards building certainty and confidence in the outcome.

Secure funding and grants

There are numerous avenues of federal and state government funding for non-government primary and secondary schools. Paynter Dixon has assisted many schools to secure successful grant funding applications.

Notable schemes include the Commonwealth Capital Grants Program, which provides significant funding to improve infrastructure when the school does not have enough capital resources. NSW Government also

provides the Building Grants Assistance Scheme (BGAS) for independent schools.

Our team works closely with school management in preparing information for the Block Grant Authority, which is responsible for administering these funding schemes in NSW. This information can span master planning, preliminary drawings, project scope and budget.

Our end-to-end knowledge of design and construction strengthens the application, putting the school in the best possible position to secure funding.


Research on teaching, learning and outcomes shows that quality pedagogy is identified as a key lever for improving student outcomes. Paynter Dixon can assist with planning principles for all types of pedagogical settings.

This includes a growing priority for wellness design which customises environments for the health and social wellbeing of students.

Association for Learning Environments accreditation

Our Design Architect and Executive General Manager, Matthew Greene, has achieved formal education design qualifications through the Association for Learning Environments as an Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP) which promotes best practice in the design, building and use of learning spaces to improve education outcomes.

Live environments

We specialise in working in schools and other live environments, ensuring the school community remains safe. This involves staging of the works and a high level of consistent communication between Paynter Dixon and site users to ensure day-to-day activities can continue with the least amount of disruption.

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