Paynter Dixon is the industry leader in delivering exceptional buildings for the entertainment sector, with more than 60 years’ experience in the design and construction of hospitability venues. We work closely with you to ensure the solution fits the business goal, whether diversifying services, appealing to new markets, or reimagining the customer experience.

With our finger on the pulse of innovation, Paynter Dixon oversees award-winning facilities for gaming, food and beverages, fitness and recreation, and hotel accommodation.


With an emphasis on collaboration and partnering, we listen to our client’s ideas to get to know their business because we understand that no two projects or venues are the same.

Through our design and construct model, we take complete responsibility of the project from beginning to end. This robust approach provides a single point of authority for design, authority approvals, project cost, deadlines, quality and safety.

Operating under an open-book basis, you’re able to gain the benefits of competitive tendering of trade contractors. Regardless of size or complexity, our team stays on task to ensure the benchmark of quality is achieved. This is demonstrated in our ability to work in live environments – we’ll go to great lengths to minimise disruption to services in operational clubs.

Our determination to achieve the client’s vision has led to 85% repeat business.

Service diversification

Today, more clubs are committed to diversifying their services and revenue streams. Partner with credible expertise to ensure the road of business diversification leads to your community of tomorrow.

Paynter Dixon is delivering the next generation of assets for the club industry, including:

  • Hotels and mixed-use developments
  • Lifestyle communities
  • Health and aged care facilities
  • Child care centres
  • Sporting and recreational

Our master planning expertise articulates the pathway of property development, evaluating the opportunities and managing the risk from the outset. We also work close with clients to ensure capital works are sustainably financed. This can lead to the sequencing of projects in the development life cycle to expedite the introduction of new revenue streams.

Outdoor spaces

Health and social distancing have become principles of design in the post-COVID age. This is reflected in the adaptation of underutilised and outdoor areas across the industry. Our industry experts deliver integrated indoor and outdoor spaces which prioritise comfort, safety and operational efficiency. Reconfigured spaces include rooftop bars, outdoor gaming, discrete food and beverage services in terraced settings, and children play areas.

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