Insurance building services

We partner with insurance companies and brokers to get insureds back to their pre-loss situation by providing industry leading building services. We have two dedicated design and construction teams for delivering small and general works (up to $250,000), and large or complex loss claims (over $250 000).

Insurance repairs are a specialised field, distinct from regular construction. They often involve working with emotionally-affected policyholders who have experienced a loss, from domestic events through to catastrophic events when community tensions and stress levels are high. At Paynter Dixon, we recognise the importance of supporting customers through these challenging times.

Our approach is to partner with integrity, guiding individuals through every step of the process to restore their property to its pre-loss condition with confidence. We appreciate that insurance repairs are set apart from other renovations and we are able to report and invoice to reflect this.

We are also mindful that negative claims experiences can impact insurance renewals, potentially causing policyholders to switch insurers. As a result, we are committed to maintaining and delivering superior outcomes, ensuring that our work contributes positively to our clients’ overall insurance experience.

With offices in NSW, ACT, and Coffs Harbour, our local teams prioritise safety by providing immediate responses to emergencies. Additionally, our dedicated inhouse team ensures cost control and certainty of on-time claims delivery, instilling further confidence in our clients.


Make safe

Whenever disaster strikes, we’re ready to respond. Our 24/7 emergency make safe service offers specialised repair solutions.

  • 24 hours a day
  • Access to full trades
  • Emergency response
  • Scalability during weather events

Strata repairs

We provide specialist insurance building services to strata communities. Our team are qualified to work with the key stakeholders. We also keep abreast of policy coverage and state legislation within the strata regulatory environment. Through attentive stakeholder management, we ensure properties are restored with minimal disruption.

  • Residential and commercial strata knowledge
  • Inhouse dedicated strata experts
  • Understanding of strata building codes and legislations
  • Preferred panel builder

General works and small claims up to $250,000

Our team responds to the myriad of general repairs. This includes assigning a dedicated Project Manager to ensure project completion.

  • Delivering all repairs up to $250,000
  • Speedy response times
  • Work within budgets
  • Specialist trades

Major and complex loss over $250,000

We are a large loss delivery expert with extensive experience in all facets of major works from inception to completion.

  • Project value of $250,000 and beyond
  • Industry-leading inhouse experts
  • Large scale capabilities
  • Experience in dealing with multiple stakeholders
  • Experts in complex projects
  • Demolition and strip outs

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