We are a recognised industry leader in the delivery of fast, attentive building services to insurance providers across a wide range of building types. From beginning to end, our experience spans all facets of the repair process including make safe, demolition, planning, design, construction and handover.

With offices in NSW and the ACT our local teams prioritise safety by responding immediately to an emergency. Our dedicated in-house team also instill confidence through cost control and certainty of on-time claims delivery.

Paynter Dixon is a large loss delivery expert with extensive experience in all facets of the process including make safe, demolition, planning, design, construction and handover.

We offer strata and commercial clients the following benefits and services:

Design management integration

  • we employ in-house architects, design managers and engineers.
  • upfront planning to integrate construction methodologies into the design to deal with complex issues to mitigate risk.
  • dedicated project managers to oversee the make safe project through the initial claim, design and construction phases.
  • real time and progressive cost analysis during the planning and design process.

Cost control, and certainty to claims delivery

  • our team has commercial construction delivery experience to provide cost benchmarking of the different types of building functions and construction types.
  • we provide detailed and accurate cost estimates in the very early stages of the claims process to avoid cost blowout.
  • our in-house team can reduce costs and downtime associated with multiple stakeholders and layers of approval.

Flexibility in delivery model

  • Managed Cost Plus model whereby the application for profit and overheads would range 7.5% to 15%, depending on the project value.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price model whereby we can take the commercial and financial risk, identify the scope and provide absolute certainty of the overall claim costs.

Minimising business interruptions for rebuilds and rectifications

  • partnering on the claims process to immediately commence detailed scoping, planning and programming.
  • fast mobilisation through engaging in-house teams of designers, engineers and project managers.
  • Federal Safety Accreditation.

Full range of contract options

  • Early Contractor Involvement
  • Cost Planning
  • Managing Contractor
  • Design and Construct
  • Construct Only

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