We are working with Australia’s public, private and allied health care sectors to deliver world class facilities. From administration and essential services, through to technologically-advanced medical facilities, our expertise can respond to your acute requirements. All work is performed to the highest standards of safety. This commitment is reflected in our accreditation with the Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme, administered by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC).

Our safety-first approach is critical to operating in live environments and hospitals, where rigorous measures eliminate the risk of contamination, and prevent disruption to surrounding services.

With more than a 100 years of construction experience, we deliver complex and intricate projects on time and budget. Through our design and construct model, we take complete responsibility of project delivery from beginning to end. As a single point of accountability, we ensure every aspect of the work is performed to the necessary standard.

Planning, communication, and transparency are the foundations of our governance.

Planning and preparation

Our industry experts understand the synergies between health services and bespoke buildings.

Continuous forward planning and consultation, as well as a culture of accountability at all levels is inherent in our delivery.

Our team follows a ‘de-risk’ philosophy. Through partnerships and alliances with critical subcontractors, we can control safety, costs and maximise certainty of the outcome. As your FSC accredited construction partner, all health and safety hazards, quality assurance and environmental aspects are effectively managed throughout the project.

Operating in live environments

Paynter Dixon operates in the most sensitive medical environments where there is zero tolerance for disruption. Our specialist site team will tailor solutions to mitigate risk:

  • accessing sites through temporary openings in building façades and installing gantry scaffolding
  • working out of hours and carefully arranging service shutdowns
  • creating negative pressure zones and air-tight hoardings to preserve the separation of environments and prevent contamination
  • hosting regular design interface meetings with key medical staff, surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists, head of capital works and stakeholders
  • ensuring the area is fully commissioned and accessible for use by medical practitioners as each stage is completed.

Our works are also routinely conducted in accordance with Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare. discrete food and beverage offerings connect to terraced areas.

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