Landmark Apartments, Canberra

Set in two hectares of attractive gardens overlooking Lake Burley Griffin, the eight buildings of Landmark Apartments offer a prestigious residential address in Canberra.

When a severe hailstorm swept through Barton in 2020, the apartment complex sustained extensive damage to roofing and mechanical services.

Paynter Dixon has been engaged as the Principal Contractor to oversee repairs to all eight buildings across two stages of work. Exceptional care is being taken to ensure residents can occupy their apartments during the repair process.

To minimise disruption, our site team is maintaining constant communication with the strata community, beginning with the executive strata committee, and working through to one-to-one engagement of residential occupants. This process is underpinned by regular notices of upcoming work.

Work proceeds from one apartment to another, with scaffolding built off the apartment balcony, and at times, intersecting tree canopies in the extensive gardens.

Roofing needs to remain watertight throughout the repair process as premises are occupied. Planning is also crucial for materials handling, with a mobile 130 tonne crane distributing materials as required.

Safety is a priority as workers operate at height, both from the roof and on adjacent facades.

The repair process is intricate, with design playing a role in the solution process. For example, alterations will be made to a building’s structure and supporting beams to divert drainage from the building. Likewise, the roof of a building has been raised to assist drainage.

Working with multiple layers of the building fabric, our team is temporarily removing cladding to access and repair waterproofing of highlight windows.

Temporary overhead roofing will also be constructed for several buildings where water ingress is an issue, offering protection from the natural elements while the permanent roof is completed beneath.

Numerous consultants and engineers are engaged in the solution process and working concurrently, ensuring strict compliance to relevant building codes.

Paynter Dixon’s multi-faceted and responsive approach is key to resolving the complexities of this repair work.