Icon Water – Roofing Repairs

Paynter Dixon carried out roofing repairs and replacement works within the 24/7 operational Icon Water building.

Icon Water, owned by the ACT Government, has been providing essential services to Canberra for over 100 years. The entity owns, manages and operates all water and sewerage services for the ACT and the bulk of Queanbeyan.

Located on an industrial site, Icon Water consists of laboratories operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, including a call centre and secure data storage room.

Paynter Dixon was engaged to carry out roofing repairs, replace garage roller doors on storage sheds, and remove and install the main chiller which supports air conditioning.

Overcoming challenges

Works had to be staged across an environment which remained occupied and operational during construction. This involved carefully navigating repair works and implementing precautions to minimise disruption.

Notably, the project involved isolating a large safety zone on the ground where a crane was stationed to replace the existing chiller located on top of the building.

Communication with multiple stakeholders proved crucial to the task.