Paynter Dixon’s commitment to clubs and pubs post COVID-19

October 22, 2020 | Projects

Clubs are institutions that are social hubs for thousands of peoples across NSW.

When the COVID-19 lockdown hit clubs and pubs virtually overnight, not only thousands of peoples were out of work, but many also lost a critical connection with their community.

The clubs and pubs have overcome many obstacles over the past decades, but when the lights went out in March this year, it was a bleak day.

For club managers, there was little time to vacillate. It was about planning for reopening, and how clubs and pubs will operate in the future within the new planning structure.

For some, it was the ideal opportunity to start a renovation or refurbishment without impacting on operations. Enter Paynter Dixon.

Paynter Dixon has been working with hospitality clients for decades, that includes through the good times and the not so good.

Working with clubs has been a core capability for a business that has been proudly operating for more than one-hundred years.

Paynter Dixon Executive Chairman James Boyd says it has been a challenging time for pubs and clubs, but at the same time an opportunity to refocus on service delivery.

“There will be a renewed focus on building design that accommodates for growth but also takes into account COVID-19 regulations, which may be with us for time,” Mr Boyd said.

One club that took advantage of the lockdown is long-standing Paynter Dixon client Pittwater RSL.

The club had been planning to update its gaming room and the Northern Beaches club saw lockdown an ideal time to get on with the job.

Pittwater RSL Club CEO Jason Manning says the club took the opportunity to extend and refurbish its outdoor gaming room.

The project included converting an existing outdoor area into a fresh, comfortable and most importantly COVID-19 safe gaming area.

“Members prefer to play outdoors rather than inside. Not only because of the spatial distancing between machines, but also the outdoor feel and freshness of the air is a massive improvement,” Mr Manning said.

“We wanted to provide a quality product for our members when they came back to the club.

“I had confidence in Paynter Dixon to delivery, and what they have delivered again on budget and with an impressive finish has been fantastic.”