CODA’s superstructure ‘jumping out of the ground’

February 14, 2024 | Projects

CODA is ‘jumping out of the ground’ in 2024 as Paynter Dixon drives construction of this landmark mixed-use development in Coffs Harbour.

Senior Site Engineer, David Olsen, has a firm eye on progress.

“Over the past few months, we have seen CODA well and truly come out of the ground as we completed all the footings, inground services, ground slab, columns, shear walls and now suspended slabs all the way up to level 3.

“We’re averaging 60 to 80 workers on site every day. The majority of them are structure trades, such as form workers, steel fixers and concreters.”

The next large milestone we will involve pouring the level 4 transfer slab.

“It’s main structural purpose is to transfer the load from the tower above, back to the foundations below. We can then start to remove all the formwork out of the ground floor and start all the internal walls and high level services in those spaces as well.”

The fit out will then commence in earnest.

“Over the next few months we’ll see the superstructure continue to go up, targeting 12 to 15 days between concrete pours. As we go up, we’ll start to hit 7 to 9 days in pour cycles.”

John Rafferty, CEO of C.ex Group, reports that “85 of the 95 apartments are presold which is fantastic”.

“It’s really going to change the whole outlook of Coffs Harbour. We want more people living in the centre of town with immediate access to the shops. It will start to instigate further development.”

Watch the video update: