Grafton Bond Heritage Replacement

A design and construct, managing contractor, seven-day a week project, including a live environment, complex heritage restoration on a multi-level building.

The Grafton Bond is 140-year-old heritage listed building located at 201 Kent Street, Sydney.

The building, designed by revered Australian architect William Wardell, was once part of a much bigger warehouse, capable of holding 44,000 tonnes of cargo and pressing 1600 bales of wool a day.

Today, it is home to an eclectic group of small businesses.

Time has caught up with the building and remediation work was required.

The project brief included:

  • Timber frame recoating and repair
  • Parapet capping works
  • Masonry repointing
  • Masonry crack stitching
  • Balustrade corrosion works
  • Cavity flashing works
  • Slate roof tile repair

The project was a challenging one, with extensive project planning required due to site access, working at heights and hazardous materials.

The project plan included extensive work outside of hours, seven days a week to reduce disruption and noise.

It also required an intimate understanding of heritage restoration work, including replacing a slate roof and the handling of a hazardous material – lead.




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