Cooinda Aged Care

Cooinda Aged Care appointed Paynter Dixon to oversee design and construction of an aged care facility in the regional township of Coonabarabran.

Prioritising the quality of life through advanced aged care services, the new 25-bed home incorporates a commercial kitchen alongside dining and laundry areas.

An existing facility was also refurbished to house administration.


Paynter Dixon implemented a new modular pre-fabrication construction technique which is believed to be a first in the aged care industry. This technology enabled off-site manufacturing of building components which were then transported to site for assembly. Construction time was effectively reduced while maintaining building quality and precision.

Overcoming challenges

Careful planning and staging of works were crucial to minimising disruption of the care environment, prioritising the comfort, daily routines and wellbeing of residents. The project also upheld rigorous safety practises in response to the pandemic.

Our site team embraced agile work practises and solutions to ensure this state-of-the-art facility was delivered to a high standard.



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