Club Parramatta Car Park

Following the successful completion of the Club Parramatta venue, Paynter Dixon was entrusted with the next phase of the project which involved constructing a multi-level car park adjacent to the club in the heart of Parramatta.

During the construction of the car park, the site team oversaw a substantial concrete pour of up to 600 cubic metres. The topping out slab of the three-level, inground building involved the coordinated effort of 85 concrete trucks and 72 workers on-site. In total, an impressive 7,000 cubic metres of concrete was used in the project, creating a solid structure to house over 500 car spaces.

Overcoming challenges
Access was carefully navigated in response to a land-locked site and restricted use of major roads.

With the site adjacent to the world-heritage listed Parramatta Park, an archaeological consultant was brought on to search for the possible presence of Aboriginal and historical artefacts. Works were meticulously staged to comply with the fine-tooth process of multiple site excavations.

With the site adjacent to the operational RSL club, our team accommodated the disruption of major events held at Parramatta Park and stadium.

The success of this operation was underpinned by effective traffic control, labour management, quality assurance and a constant vigilance for safety.






Design and Construct