Bankstown Sports Club – Travelodge Hotel Extension

An elaborate design and construct project completed on time and budget with no loss of hotel nights.

Paynter Dixon has worked with the Bankstown Sports Club for over 30 years, assisting the club to grow into one of the best in NSW.

With this long history of working together, Bankstown Sports Club engaged Paynter Dixon to design and construct an extra four floors on an existing hotel structure operating as the Travelodge Hotel.

The project was complex, with construction work not only on top of the existing hotel but also the club which operates over four floors directly below.

The scope of work included:

  • Construction of four hotel floors
  • Re-installation of building services from the roof to ground level
  • Fit out of 54 new rooms
  • Remodelling of 108 hotel rooms
  • Construction of a basement car park

The project included minimising any disruption to the club and existing hotel below.

It was a challenging objective, with the site 75 metres from the street entrance and significant existing glass structures.

Paynter Dixon used a 75-metre crane to lift materials and machinery on to the site.

The work site had to be fully secured, to ensure separation from the operational part of the building.

The Paynter Dixon team devised a unique system where holes were bored through the existing concrete parapet with safety screens then attached by bolts to allow them to stand freely and enclose the worksite.

The Travelodge Hotel required three operational lifts to minimise waiting times for guests.

Each lift, with its open glass shaft, was capped with concrete to allow work to continue above and keep the lifts operational.

Paynter Dixon received an NSW Master Builders Association Excellence Award for the project.