Paynter Dixon announce new GM of Education and Community

July 28, 2020 | Corporate

The promotion of Matthew Greene as General Manager of Education and Community Projects is a strategic appointment to further enhance the companies position as a leading design and construction firm.

Although Matthew started his career at Paynter Dixon in 2003, the registered architect has been associated with the award-winning construction business for over 30 years.

Prior to joining the business, Matthew worked for an architectural firm where he provided design expertise on Paynter Dixon projects primarily in education, hospitality and commercial sectors.

“I have always been attracted to the combination of design and building so Paynter Dixon has been a great fit and continues to provide an inspiring and fulfilling career,” he said.

Matthew has also achieved formal education design qualifications through the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE) and is one of only a handful of people worldwide to hold this qualification.

Matthew’s vast experience in education includes the re-purposing of learning environments, campus-wide master planning and multi-site consolidation.

“The education sector is going through a very exciting transition, moving away from the old industrial model where a good memory led to good marks but not necessarily deep learning,” he said.

“I believe schools will continue to transform their roles into genuine community hubs and have the potential to be far more than just a 9am to 3pm centres of learning.

“We encourage our clients to think about intergenerational learning and vocational education as a recurrent income source for schools.”

Outside of his knowledge in the education sector, Matthew is involved in a number of community projects.

“I continue to work with Churches of all denominations, childcare projects and on cemeteries. Helping our community clients achieve success alongside the Paynter Dixon team is particularly rewarding,” he said.

Matthew’s role also includes assisting Paynter Dixon Business Development Managers in the hospitality sector with a focus on regional clients.

Contact Matthew at or 0419 617 012