Cheering on St George FC’s Girls Youth League

February 9, 2023 | General

Paynter Dixon is a proud sponsor of the St George Football Club’s Girls Youth League in the Women’s National Premier Leagues NSW.

Formed in 1957 as Budapest SC, the Club has championed Australian women in the sport. Their teams have excelled in the NSW league stretching back to the 60s, with players and coaches contributing to the success of the Matildas on an international stage.

Today, the red and green colours of Budapest are worn with pride, maintaining a connection to the Club’s heritage which includes a deep love of the game and the progression of female football.

Our Head of Strategic Projects, George Kandylas, attended the shirt presentation and season launch event at the Ramsgate RSL on Tuesday night.

As the proud Dad of Demi, who plays in the Under 16s squad, George believes the standard of women’s football in Australia is second to none.

“While I’m passionate about my daughter playing, it’s very exciting to see the women’s game become a powerhouse of Australian sport.”

In August, Australia and New Zealand will co-host the ninth FIFA Women’s World Cup. The expanded tournament will see 32 nations – including our Matildas – compete for the title. It’s an opportunity for our emerging talent to watch and be inspired by the world’s best players in action.

“There’s an inclusive spirit which brings people from different backgrounds together, and that is showcased by the World Cup as well. Our girls can strive to compete at the highest levels.

“Paynter Dixon is committed to equal opportunity in the workplace, and more broadly, through our community partnering. We are privileged to support St George FC and look forward to a big year ahead!”