Up close: Tim Christopher

October 5, 2022 | Insurance

Tim Christopher, Project Manager, Insurance Building Services

Tim approaches the world of remedial and insurance building services with an acute focus on quality and championing industry standards. Internationally recognised for his thought leadership on tiling, the project manager is overseeing complex and large-scale works in the ACT.

 A little about yourself?

I was born in Canberra. On completing school, I rode on the Australian National Road cycling team in Europe for three years before starting a Tiling apprenticeship.

Can you describe some career highlights to date?

After completing my apprenticeship, I started my own company which delivered stone/tiling and waterproofing projects in NSW and ACT including at Parliament House of Australia and Australian Treasury.

I continued studies in construction and started a consulting service where I have advised on tiling/stone, waterproofing and resilient floor failures throughout Australia and New Zealand for legal proceedings and building disputes. I also have provided consultancy services for clients such as the ACT Government and The Australian Ballet.

I am passionate about standards in the industry. This has led to my appointment on the Australian Standards technical committees for Waterproofing of Buildings, Installation of Ceramic and Stone Tiles and Moisture Testing of Concrete. I’m also an Australian representative on the ISO (International Standards Organisation) for Installation of Tiles.

At times I write on industry issues, with several papers presented at ‘Qualicer’ World Ceramic Tile Congress in Spain 2020 and 2022.

What are the core challenges of working in insurance building services and rectification?

Insurance work has unique challenges in that the clients are usually emotionally invested in the project. They have lost something significant to them which is now required to be repaired.

The hail damage roofing projects are challenging on multiple fronts as there is compliance and existing building design problems combined with an occupied space in which to operate. The addition of loss adjusters and insurance companies creates an extra entity to accommodate in the client and builder relationship.

What is the key to success in your line of work?

 Attention to detail and verifying information received to be correct by not making assumptions.

What attracted you to Paynter Dixon?

Paynter Dixon is a design and construction company with the integrity and motivation to do things correctly.

From my observations, these values are not common in many areas of the construction industry and Paynter Dixon aligns with how I try to conduct myself. The work environment here also allows the individual to be successful through the supportive nature of the business.

Tim was recently published in Tile Today magazine. Read the article online.