Rifhat’s strategic outlook for insurance building services

March 8, 2022 | People

Rifhat Jangir is looking forward to growing Paynter Dixon’s insurance building services division.

The newly appointed Head of Insurance Operations has led teams on ‘both sides of the fence’ – from claims management with ASX-listed insurers, to emergency repairs by insurance builders.

Rifhat took up the role, impressed by Paynter Dixon’s reputation for insurance building services.

“The business is highly respected for its expertise in construction, responsiveness in an emergency, and quality of service,” says Rifhat.

“For customers, the insurance builder is the face of the insurer. When you consider Paynter Dixon’s history and culture of responsibility, we are a safe pair of hands in a crisis.”

Rifhat has spearheaded operational performance and service delivery across the insurance landscape, including her nine-year tenure at Strata Unit Underwriters.

“Through the years I have worked towards building high performance teams with an eye for process improvement and operational efficiency.”

Her success at CGU Insurance garnered acclaim with the 2018 IAG Award for Excellence in Leadership. Among the milestones, Rifhat singles out her work in helping educate and prepare cyclone-impacted communities in north Queensland.

The working mother is also a stickler for time management.

“My husband and I moved to Australia 16 years ago. We didn’t have family here, and it wasn’t always easy, but I became very structured and methodical in all aspects of my life, whether at home or in the office.”

Her childhood memories are of Manchester and a large family of Pakistani heritage where she was one of ten children.

“I learnt very quickly how to share and what it was like to work collectively.

“My father was an engineer and my first mentor. He taught me that if I was to do anything then I should give it my all.

“His philosophy helped mould who I am today, and I am now ingraining this into my children.”

Supporting a range of charitable causes – including Reach and Starlight Foundation – Rifhat has a particular interest in creating opportunities for underprivileged children.

In her precious down time, the exercise enthusiast is typically hitting the gym.

“I like to keep moving.”