St Brigid’s Catholic College Expansion

A complex staged project featuring a student-centred building design.

Paynter Dixon developed a site master plan for the establishment of St Brigid’s Catholic College at Lake Munmorah on the Central Coast that allowed building by building construction as the school population increased.

One of the key elements of the master plan was to ensure no disruption to existing buildings during construction.

Work was planned around school times, student and staff movements, exam timetables and school events ensuring the school continued to function seamlessly.

Work included:

  • Two major classroom buildings, drop off and pick-up areas
  • Car parking
  • Science labs, art studio and flexible learning spaces
  • Playground areas
  • Landscaping
  • A two-storey hospitality learning centre
  • A student-run community café

The design of the building and facilities supported the student-centred learning model practised at St Brigid’s.




Lake Munmorah


Design and Construction + Master Planning

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