Hills Grammar School

Paynter Dixon has partnered with Hills Grammar School for more than 30 years. Overseeing the development of a master plan, our team has gone on to deliver major infrastructure, learning and recreational facilities on a growing campus.

Today, Hills Grammar is regarded as one of the best independent schools in north west Sydney. 

As the school purchased more land, the master plan was amended to meet future needs. Work has included the demolition and refurbishment of four school buildings, construction of a sports facility and the design and construction of an early childhood education centre.

The projects have not only included new buildings but also repurposing buildings to meet the school’s growth.

The projects have featured:

  • Multi-level build
  • Specialist learning facilities
  • Playground areas
  • Landscaping
  • High-quality finishes
  • Working in a live environment

The projects were completed on time and on-budget.

FIFA standard synthetic turf playing fields

Underpinned by technical precision, the design required extensive re-shaping of sloping vacant land as part of the bulk cut and fill process. GPS-enabled grading of the surface produced a 1% fall across the field to assist drainage.

A network of drains and PVC collector pipes below the surface capture storm water, while six lighting towers (25 metres in height) provide ample light for night games and practise. Enclosed by perimeter fencing, sandstone blocks provide structural support and further distinguish the boundary.

Early childhood Centre

The Early Childhood Education Centre is a modern co–educational centre catering for children from three to five years old. The newly renovated, five-room facility has a daily capacity of 79 places. The centre was master planned to cater for an initial Stage 1, expanding into a Stage 2 as demand required. The success of this service has led to anticipated student number expansion.

Grandstand, rugby field and courts

Master planning responded to the school’s aspirations for catering to all levels and codes of sport. Our team worked with the school to purchase adjoining land and develop a strategy for the significant expansion that involved cut and fill across new land to create a premier grade competition rugby field.

Sandstone on the site was carefully cut to create large mass retaining walls. Perpendicular slit drainage systems ensure high quality playing surface and water capture.

The works also involved the creation of a new 150-seat grandstand and a change facility which could be used as a small function centre, as well as providing field lighting for night practice.

New all-weather multi-function playing courts were also built to cater for different sports.

Reimagined learning spaces

Numerous buildings have been refurbished and repurposed to meet new learning requirements. This included the demolition and refurbishment of the school’s JS1, JS2 and Maths building as well as the Languages building.

JS1 was extended in 2004 providing additional office space, and again in 2016 by reconfiguring the layout and adding exterior bi–fold glass doors at the northern side of building.

JS2 was repurposed as the Junior School Centre for Innovation and Creativity, while the Maths building was reconfigured with new internal walls.

The Languages building refurbishment and upgrade brought back some of the original concepts with corridor space reinstated. The refurbished building includes a new kitchen, bathrooms and upgrade of services.

In all aspects, Hills Grammar is an enduring testament to collaboration, and our determination to exceed client expectations.