Murwillumbah Services Club

Paynter Dixon worked with the Murwillumbah Services Club to refurbish and extend its outdoor facilities.

Paynter Dixon has delivered multiple capital works projects:

Stage 1 – involved the demolition of an island bar to create a new alfresco café, and in doing so, extend the Club’s outdoor eating area.

Stage 2 – refurbishment of an existing deck which was converted into an outdoor gaming area that, on completion, doubled the amount of gaming offered to the Club’s members.

Stage 3 – refurbishment to the existing gaming area and alfresco gaming area, along with the replacement of two new bars to service the function room and the gaming areas. The inclusion of new high-end and accessible toilets was also required.

Stage 4 – demolition of the original amenities on the 1st floor and construction of new amenities and a parent’s room. A new count room was also created as well as a general lounge area.