Paynter Dixon team pitches in to help COVID vulnerable

September 28, 2021 | General

Pictured above: Paynter Dixon volunteer Peter Cavallaro with Kick Start Trainees Amelia Sinani and Silvana King preparing for a delivery run.

Paynter Dixon staff have answered the call to help deliver meals to some of Sydney’s most vulnerable residents struggling with life in lockdown.

The Melrose Park Meal Share service has delivered more than 10,000 meals to residents since mid-July, including the elderly, those in isolation, key workers, people who have lost their jobs, families struggling financially and those with a disability.

The meal service, including food preparation and delivery management, is run by the PAYCE Foundation’s social enterprise Kick Start, which provides hospitality training for young people.

With so many meals to deliver, Paynter Dixon offered to assist its philanthropic partner, the PAYCE Foundation, and the Kick Start team transport the food to homes.

Paynter Dixon volunteer Peter Cavallaro said the heartfelt appreciation from Meal Share recipients was overwhelming.

“I had 14 deliveries assigned to me, which included the elderly living at home with no one to care for them,’’ Peter said.

“There were those in the community with a disability or less mobile and unable to move around freely. And then there was the young parents looking after little children, perhaps feeling the financial hardship of COVID-19 lockdowns, unable to work and provide the most essential of living requirements, like putting food on the table.’’

Peter said the wonderful and dedicated staff behind Kick Start deserved praise for delivering meals week on week.

“I also commend the PAYCE Foundation for their generosity,’’ he said. “This is a thoughtful and caring initiative for the vulnerable members of the Melrose Park community.’’

PAYCE Foundation Director Dominic Sullivan thanked the Paynter Dixon volunteers for their assistance.

“The Meal Share service is a major logistical exercise, and volunteers, like the team from Paynter Dixon, ensure the meals are delivered on time to people who need assistance,’’ Mr Sullivan said.

“Volunteers can be satisfied they are making a real difference to people struggling to cope during this long COVID-19 lockdown.’’

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