Life size vision for Maitland Christian School

March 20, 2024 | Education

Maitland Christian School continues to build the future campus to meet rapid enrolment growth and a vision for learning.

Paynter Dixon is currently working with Principal Geoff Peet and the school board on the rejuvenation of a primary school building.

“Block B is a reworking of one of our first three buildings in the school,” explains Geoff. “We will modernise and re-engineer rooms to create flexible learning areas. The building will go up an additional storey, and we’re very excited about incorporating a rooftop playground as well.”

Our Education team recently provided Geoff and school colleagues with an opportunity to view the plans of Block B at life size scale in an Auburn facility.

“Firstly, our building is bigger than the warehouse, so we had to view half a plan at a time!” smiles Geoff.

“For us, we benefited greatly from walking through the rooms and looking at the fundamental dimensions, such as the size of cupboards. Are they in the right location? For example, we flipped around adult and children sinks so they are better aligned with the benches.”

Spatial relationships were also scrutinised.

“It’s about making sure we have wet spaces which won’t compromise the flexibility of space such as reading corners.”

“It was really good to have a multi-faceted team in attendance, from teachers to our executive and board level.”

“They wrestled with ‘What’s the best we can get out of this facility?’ and ‘What’s the greatest flexibility we can have towards excellence now and what that might look like in the future?'”

Paynter Dixon’s partnership with the school has led to the delivery of multiple major projects, including Arise Christian College, an early learning centre refurbishment, and the newly-built Resource Centre.

Listen to Geoff in conversation with our Design Architect Matthew Greene on the ‘Designing School Life’ podcast.