Taking the risk out of Club construction projects

May 25, 2021 | Projects

Delivering modern, up-to-date services and facilities is the key to success in the competitive club industry.

But any construction project brings with it risk.

Capital works projects can present unique challenges, particularly for smaller clubs.

Choosing the right building company and project model is the key.

Paynter Dixon has been in business since 1914 and working with the club industry for 60 years.

Paynter Dixon Business Development Manager for Hospitality Tony Fucile believes Design and Construct contracts work well in the club industry, particularly where there is a strong client and construction company relationship.

Mr Fucile said the Design and Construct method, as opposed to a client requesting builders to quote on a design independently drafted by architects, is also highly effective in reducing project risk.

‘’If a builder is working from an architect’s plans, if it is not on those plans then the builder cannot possibly know that it is part of the job, so it becomes a variation to the client,’’ Mr Fucile said.

“Whereas in the Design and Construct process, we take responsibility from the beginning, and we do a lot of upfront investigations which are included in the project.

“By doing that we can guarantee a fixed price sum and that does not change unless the club adds additional scope or there is an unforeseen issue.’’

Mr Fucile said the process delivers continuity and serves smaller clubs, like West Tradies, just as efficiently as bigger clubs.

The club, with a strong community base in western Sydney, has undergone significant improvements.

“We’ve developed a high level of trust with West Tradies, and when that is achieved, Design and Construct works incredibly well,” said Mr Fucile.

“They can trust us as a contractor to deliver what they are after and to accommodate the changes they request.

“They also know we’ll strive to accommodate them without pushing the additional cost item button upfront.’’

It is a sentiment that is echoed by the West Tradies Treasurer and former builder Tony Bleasdale.

Mr Bleasdale said Paynter Dixon had played a significant role in the club’s development over many years.

“More recently they’ve been involved in refurbishing the club from one end to the other,” he said.

“Since that work, the number of patrons and membership has increased significantly.

“We are very proud of the support and guidance of Paynter Dixon.’’