Our key services within the remedial sector include:

Heritage Refurbishments

Renovation and preservation of Heritage assets requires an elevated level of diligence and attention to detail. Products and building techniques need to match seamlessly with the asset in order to maintain the balance between originality and functionality, and to ensure the intended legacy of the structure is sustained. Paynter Dixon has vast experience of heritage works, working closely with both local authorities and heritage consultants to deliver outstanding project outcomes.

  • Brickwork replacement & re-pointing
  • Brickwork stitching, strengthening & repairs
  • Masonry repairs
  • Architectural preservation
  • Rainwater systems & flashings
  • Roofing repairs

Waterproofing & Membranes

Waterproofing any building or structure is an extensive capability that can involve a vast range of products and methodologies. Waterproofing can be performed on the smallest planter box to large expansive building roof tops, basements and car parks.

Waterproofing can involve structural engineered injection solutions, liquid applied membranes, torch-on membranes, adhesive applied sheeting, plural component elastomers or a combination of all.

Paynter Dixon is experienced in all forms of waterproofing and with our vast knowledge of waterproofing products and installation techniques, we can successfully deliver your next waterproofing project.

  • Torch-on membranes
  • PVC, TPO & rubber sheet membranes
  • Liquid membranes (polyurethane, polyurea & bituminous)
  • Façade coating systems
  • Injection systems
  • Silane coatings
  • Waterstops & sealants

Concrete Repair

Many concrete structures have been compromised due to hostile environments and service conditions which contribute to corrosion of the reinforcing steel and/or deterioration of the hardened concrete properties.

Paynter Dixon has great knowledge of concrete deterioration, resulting expert concrete repair which targets the primary causes(s) and not just the peripheral symptoms. This approach leads to greater longevity of important asset.

  • Cementitious repair mortars
  • Epoxy repair mortars
  • Polymer modified repair mortars
  • Shotcrete repairs
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Magnasite removal & repair
  • Concrete investigation, analysis & diagnosis

Flooring Systems

The coating of commercial and industrial concrete flooring is performed to provide protection, aesthetics and delineation for safety and operational purposes. The range of available floor coatings and treatments is vast ranging from single and two-pack coatings to thick self-levelling high performance anti-slip toppings, and high impact/wear resistant coatings.

Paynter Dixon has the experience and resources to deliver any size flooring project.

  • Epoxy floor systems
  • Polyurethane floor systems
  • Cementitious floor systems
  • Concrete sealers & floor polishing
  • Impact mitigation systems
  • Non-slip coatings
  • Cementitious levelling

Civil Services

Paynter Dixon possesses a diverse range of civil engineering experience and capability that enables provision of a range of specialist civil services in conjunction with our traditional capabilities.

Paynter Dixon specialises in the rehabilitation and preservation of numerous civil structures located in varying destructive environments. We are not limited to reactive solutions such as concrete repair, corrosion repair, carbon fibre strengthening etc. We are also capable of completing proactive solutions such as cathodic protection, application of protective coatings and corrosion inhibiting impregnation of concrete etc.

  • Steel protections
  • Earthing & rail works
  • Surface treatments
  • Concrete technology
  • Cathodic protection & repair systems
  • Precision grouting & repair systems
  • Acid protection
  • Abrasive blasting & painting

Structural Repair

Structural strengthening is required when a load carrying building element is under strength due to changes in applied loading conditions or as a consequence of poor construction or design inadequacy. Strengthening an existing structure requires expert knowledge and strict compliance with application processes to assure structural integrity.

Paynter Dixon is experienced in the installation of structural strengthening systems such as carbon fibre laminates. Carbon fibre laminates are an economical, lightweight and corrosion free method of increasing the load carrying properties of concrete floor slabs, beams and columns. They can be applied to any geometric shape offering flexible and fast installation.

We can also preserve load carrying properties when penetrations need to be cut through existing slabs to facilitate post construction changes, eg; new lift shafts, service risers etc.

  • Carbon fibre strengthening
  • Structural strengthening
  • Structural bonding
  • Grouting & fixing
  • Structural epoxy
  • Post-tensioning truncations
  • Structural glazing & curtain wall repair

Facade Repair

Major and minor façade repairs need to be executed professionally with a core focus on public safety and minimal disruption.

Detailed planning and communication is imperative; from an initial investigative survey through to delivery. Paynter Dixon will work collaboratively with stakeholders and consultants to develop fit-for-purpose remediation.

Our team has many years of contracting experience delivering façade refurbishments incorporating concrete repair, corrosion mitigation, architectural and engineered coatings, aluminium repair, waterproofing and diagnostic surveying.

  • Render repair systems
  • Façade coating systems
  • Façade surveys & diagnosis
  • Window compliance & replacement works
  • Balustrade systems
  • Architectural coatings
  • Facade cladding
  • Efflorescence removal / rectification

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