Rescue drill showcases the height of safety

October 19, 2023 | General

Two professional abseilers are suspended 34 storeys above ground. A rescue drill is unfolding under the watchful gaze of expert trainers.

Paynter Dixon is hosting the training session on a Sydney-based site where the Remedial division is overseeing high-rise façade repairs.

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Alex Cordina views the exercise as a partnership in continuous improvement.

“Safety is always a priority of our work with subcontractors,” says the Senior Project Manager.

“A growing number of subcontractors are developing rope access as a capability of their business rather than outsourcing to an external provider.

“As a reputable construction company with leading safety credentials, Paynter Dixon has the means to support best practice in the industry.

“Continuous improvement in safety is vital because it makes us more aware of our surroundings. We are in a better position to identify unsafe practises, and to work in ways that strengthen safety.”

Construction Manager, Paul Gangemi, says the training reflects Paynter Dixon’s ‘systematic approach’ to construction.

“As the principal contractor our processes are reliant on documentation, from preparing methodologies to checking subcontractor documents and conducting audits.

“We have an obligation to ensure the correct processes are in place. Today’s training provides an opportunity to see the documented process carried out. We all get something out of this.”

At the end of every day, Alex Cordina wants his site team to return home safely.

“As a project manager, I sleep peacefully at night knowing all team members are competent in their tasks, whether it’s working on the ground or hanging 34 storeys above in the air.

“I enjoy working for a company that invests the time and resources into training opportunities like this.”

With National Safe Work Month in October, Paynter Dixon is doubling down on safety awareness across the state-wide business, from information sharing and demonstrations, to morning teas (SafeTeas) and toolbox talks.

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