Quality of remediation pivotal to value of older buildings

April 21, 2022 | General

NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler has warned strata communities against cutting corners in the remediation of older buildings.

Mr Chandler has reportedly described the remediation sector as “potentially being bit of a wild west” with work ranging from handy person fixers to professionally licensed builders.

While patch-up work can respond to specific elements, underlying building issues can go unchecked. Over time, the building can deteriorate to the point where remediation works take the building back to a quasi-construction state.

Dedicated to quality, Paynter Dixon’s remedial services secure the long-term value of the asset. With extensive experience across strata projects, our team is adept in all repair types: concrete, structural, joint, façade, fire systems, ventilation shafts, mould rectification and waterproofing.

When comparing remedial services, it’s crucial to understand the quality of service behind the price.

For example, cost-cutting proposals can often reduce site management to part-time supervision by a roaming supervisor or trades person. In contrast, Paynter Dixon guarantees full-time site supervision by a dedicated Site Manager whose role upholds quality and safety on site. This degree of attentiveness is pivotal to working in strata buildings, ensuring minimal disruption to building tenants.

Most importantly, Paynter Dixon accepts total responsibility of your project from concept to completion. This provides a single point of responsibility for design, authority approvals, project cost, deadlines, quality and safety.

With owners, individually and collectively, legally obliged to repair and maintain buildings, choosing a reputable remedial partner from the outset can make a telling difference in managing risk.

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