Club Parramatta Car Park

Following the successful completion of the Club Parramatta venue, Paynter Dixon was entrusted with the next phase of the project which involved constructing a multi-level car park adjacent to the club in the heart of Parramatta.

During the construction of the car park, the site team oversaw a substantial concrete pour of up to 600 cubic metres. The topping out slab of the three-level, inground building involved the coordinated effort of 85 concrete trucks and 72 workers on-site.

In total, an impressive 7,000 cubic metres of concrete was used, creating a solid structure to house over 500 car spaces. This includes 13 disabled car spaces and four dual EV charges.

The success of this operation was underpinned by effective traffic control, labour management, quality assurance and a strong emphasis on safety.

During concrete pours, precision planning played a vital role in coordinating access to the Parramatta CBD site, with dual concrete boom pumps and a two-truck feed per pump optimising flow of concrete in addition to maintaining four trucks on-site at any given time.

The next stage of the project involved connecting the car park to the club, relocating the site entry point, completing the construction of the walkway, porte-cochere and the remaining aspects of the fit-out.

Thorough inspections and tests were conducted throughout the handover process to ensure that all necessary checks were performed and aligned to the client’s requirements.

Overcoming Challenges

The project encountered various challenges, including working within land-locked sites, managing restrictions imposed by the RMS on major roads, addressing council regulations, heritage requirements, archaeology and public spaces. The project was adjacent to an operational RSL club, with our team accommodating for any major
events held at Parramatta Park or the stadium.

To overcome these challenges, meticulous planning, regular reviews and seamless communication by our dedicated team ensured efficient coordination across multiple work sites.


Innovative solutions were implemented, such as multiple shoring methods to eliminate the need for anchoring into the park, ultimately reducing approval processes and costs. Efficient material handling, especially during transportation on major roads, was achieved through effective coordination.

The successful completion of the Club Parramatta car park project showcases the teamwork, determination, and rigorous planning of the delivery team. Despite the challenges posed by the site’s location, our innovative solutions ensured a smooth construction process.