Campbelltown Bowling Club

Paynter Dixon renovated a cherished institution of the Campbelltown community, ensuring works were completed within the centennial year of celebration.

The club sits within the Campbelltown Catholic Club Group and is the oldest club in the area. As one of the first ladies clubs in NSW, the venue and bowling greens maintain a deep connection with the local community.

Renovation works included the bar, kitchen, dining room, lounge area, amenities, locker rooms, and the installation of a new roof and mechanical systems.

The venue has been further transformed with floor-to-ceiling glass along the façade overlooking the bowling greens. Captivating views and natural light create a newfound sense of spaciousness and visual amenity.

Stylish interior finishes and fittings balance a modern sensibility with the long-standing warmth and character of the club.

The temporary closure of the club during renovation enabled the delivery team to expedite work and shave two months off the construction program. A re-opening ceremony in the final quarter of the club’s 100th anniversary year was met with delight.

Paynter Dixon’s Strategic Development Lead for Hospitality, Andrew Neagle, says the club has a new lease on life.

“From the outset we appreciated the importance of revitalising the venue for the benefit of long-standing members, while also appealing to new patrons as well.”