Dhwani eyes a future in architecture

May 9, 2022 | Community

Dhwani Gadani is a student of Norwest Christian College in north-west Sydney. With career aspirations in architecture, Dhwani recently completed work experience at Paynter Dixon. We caught up with her to see how her week unfolded.

What did you enjoy learning?

I really enjoyed all the hands-on work which included analysing floor plans of current projects. With this, I learnt a lot about the process that is involved from bringing ideas onto paper, to carrying out the steps that are required to create and manage the building being constructed.

Was there a standout moment?

The standout for me was the communication and relationships developed with people throughout the planning process of a building, taking into consideration all aspects of development throughout, including mechanical, design, sustainability and risk management.

 Has this experience influenced your outlook for the future?

Yes, this experience has changed my outlook on the future career that I want to take, being a focus in architecture. Meeting people at Paynter Dixon who are current architects was really inspiring as they work with diligence and design amazing buildings.

What are your impressions of Paynter Dixon and the people working here?

Paynter Dixon is a company which values the importance of relationships and teamwork. This office is filled with respect for one another and communication which ultimately is the key to collaboration.

Throughout the week of work experience, I was mentored by Jade Cohen who is a Design Manager in the business. The relationship that I built with people was very good as I was taught and included by them in their current and upcoming projects.

I came to know Paynter Dixon through their new construction of the Norwest Christian College Atrium Building. I was really interested in the design component of the build and the ability to create a space that allows school children to work and collaborate with ease.

As the project was started at the start of 2020, I was able to see the progress from the planning stage through to the end of building. There were many complications that construction overcame, such as floods and COVID-19. Through perseverance the project finished on time.

It was our pleasure to host Dhwani. If you would like to learn more about work experience opportunities at Paynter Dixon, please make an enquiry to