Client insights: Mark Condi, Bankstown Sports Club

July 5, 2022 | Projects

Paynter Dixon has partnered with Bankstown Sports Club for more than three decades, overseeing the delivery of themed restaurants and bars, a commercial tower and hotel expansion. We spoke with Mark Condi, CEO, Bankstown Sports Club Group, to learn more about generational change, the pursuit of memorable experiences, and the road to business diversification.

From a strategic perspective, how is Bankstown Sports Club approaching the millennial demographic in the area?

This is very important. Clubs in the past have been known to focus on older generations with more traditional offerings. There is nothing wrong with this strategy, but it is not one that offers much longevity. Now, more than ever, it’s so important to focus on the younger generations. In this digital age where the options for consumers are so vast and personalised, it’s vital to think differently and offer spaces that excite all ages.

Enticing younger generations and creating loyalty is the best way to keep that customer for a lifetime, moving with them through their own and family’s life. We want our venue to be seen by all age groups as a place they can visit and come together for their special occasions, rather than commuting past and heading to the city.

Lady Banks Rooftop Bar has rapidly established itself on the Sydney scene – a destination which rivals the CBD. What makes the bar so appealing, especially to younger patrons?   

The fact that we offer amazing views, food and beverages that competes with the best bars in Australia, and it is in Bankstown! No longer do people have to drive past us to get to the best bars, they now have one on their doorstep. The views from the bar reach to the city, to the national park to the south and to the Blue mountains. We would argue that the view is as good as it gets.

We also think the appeal, particularly with the younger age groups, relates to how ‘Insta-worthy’ the venue, food and cocktails are. The neutral tones, furniture selection, fresh whites and creams in the fit-out ensure there is nothing competing with the beautiful dishes and amazing cocktails. So it’s the perfect place to gather with a group of friends and look like you’re anywhere overseas!

One of the things that we enjoy the most is seeing some of the fantastic user-generated social media content that our customers are making, all because they have this second-to-none space to enjoy and linger. And of course, the menu is out of this world. The colours and aromas of the food create a culinary experience which people can enjoy a stone’s throw from their home.

We pride ourselves on creating an experience like no other, and this to us is the appeal to the younger audience – their pursuit for an experience, rather than a one-dimensional product or service.

What do you see as the value of partnering with Paynter Dixon to deliver premier facilities of this type – and the value of a long-term partnership?

It’s very important to work with partners you can trust. We have worked with Paynter Dixon for over 30 years, and they have never let us down. They understand the needs of our business and deliver time after time. We are so excited to see how they bring some of our future projects to life!

What does the future hold?

We are working hard on our diversification strategy, which will include independent living, key worker housing and more fine-grain retail, restaurants, and bars. The most exciting project is the potential to build a very large brewery and distillery, with the goal of building it in Bankstown. We are so driven by the next opportunity. Seeing a project come to life and watching how it excites our members, guests and the wider community is such an amazing feeling. Even better still, is knowing that our success allows us to reinvest directly into the community and our community partners so we can continue to make a difference in a way that truly matters.

Lady Banks Rooftop Bar